Statutes and fees

"Articles 151 and following of the Consolidated Text of the Canary Islands Territorial Planning and Natural Spaces Laws, approved by Legislative Decree 1/2000, of May 8, establish that the conservation of the urbanization works and the maintenance of the public service facilities and installations will be the responsibility of the acting Administration, once they have been transferred. They also establish rules for the participation of the owners of the land, who will be subject to this obligation and must become part of the conservation entity.

 Such legal regulation must be complemented by that contained in articles 128, 131, 136, 137, 138, 139 and 140 of the Regulations for the management and execution of planning of the Canary Islands, approved by Decree 183/2004, of December 21, 2004.

In order to facilitate the start-up of Polígono Industrial de Granadilla and to ensure that it has the required attention at all times, it is necessary to promote the creation of the corresponding conservation entity in said urban development action, which will be basically governed by the present Statutes and the provisions of the urban development legislation in force" (...).

Los estatutos fueron aprobados definitivamente por acuerdo de la junta de gobierno local del Ayuntamiento de Granadilla de Abona el 25 de abril de 2012 y publicados en el BOP nº 80 de 18 junio 2012. 


* The full statutes of the Conservation Entity can be viewed at  este enlace.

* The fees of the Conservation Entity can be viewed at this link.