Promoción 18 naves industriales

The set of warehouses forms a continuous building with its main facade facing the TF-1 Highway, located in the first line of Polígono Industrial towards that road.

Each plot has a setback of 5 meters in front and back, and an evacuation corridor along the southern boundary of the plots in case of fire. Each building has an exclusive courtyard at the rear, with a pedestrian exit to the aforementioned corridor.

The structure, made of prefabricated reinforced concrete, provides the following advantages:

  • It incorporates the necessary passive protection to legalize the future activity from the point of view of fire regulations. The proper covering of the reinforcement guarantees a more than sufficient fire resistance.
  • Durability is guaranteed. Although the concrete of the structural elements to be used will not be exposed, a concrete for IIIa environment stage has been foreseen. There will be no corrosion problems, nor maintenance costs for repainting.

In addition to the reinforced concrete structure, the building has prestressed concrete hollow-core walls and sandwich panel roofing.

Each building has an independent structure, sharing only the foundations and enclosure of the party walls.

The standard design of buildings 1 to 16 consists of a rectangular construction with a constant width of 16.56 m and a depth varying between 37 m and 58 m, and a maximum height of 9.45 m.

The buildings have an office module on the main facade, consisting of a first floor with an internal clear height of 4,820 mm, a second floor with an internal clear height of 3,300 mm and a rooftop to house equipment and facilitate the maintenance of the building. The ground and first floors have false ceilings.

The roofs are made of 30 mm thick sandwich panel, based on galvanized steel sheet in the inner and outer layer, with thermal and acoustic isolation of high density polystyrene in the interstitial area. The roofs have skylights formed by a translucent 30 mm polycarbonate plate.

For more information on this promotion, download the full documentation in the following link.

General plan of the port

Urban development

Development of 16 warehouses